WTYS FM-Monday-Friday

0000-0500 Music in the Night
0500-0600 Brother Jim’s Local Gospel Time
0600-0800 Morning Express with Brother Jerry
0800-0900 Country Classifieds
0900-1300 Skip Taylor Show
1300-1315 Debby’s Daily Devotion
1315-1500 Gospel Music Connection with Debby
1500-1800 Afternoon Gospel
1800-1900 Brother Jim’s Local Gospel Time
1900-2400 Gospelfest
1900-2000 Front Porch Fellowship
2000-2200 Old Gospel Ship
0000-0700 Music in the Night
0700-0730 A Few Minutes With Brother Jim
0730-0745 Karen and Kids
0745-0800 More Great Gospel Music
0800-0930 The Gospel Greats
0930-1000 More Great Gospel Music
1000-1030 The Great Commission with Bill Hoople
1030-1130 More Great Gospel Music
1030-1045 The Pure Word with Pastor Wyatt Shiver
1045-1200 More Great Gospel Music
1200-1230 Christian Assembly in Malone with Pastor Dennis Creamer
1230-1400 More Great Gospel Music
1400-1500 Cross Talk from The Way of The Cross Church
1500-1600 The Holy Temple Church
1600-1800 More Great Gospel Music
1800-2000 Power Source Top 20
2200-0000 Music in the Night
0000-0600 Music in the Night
0600-0700 Florida Roundtable
0700-0730 The Lutheran Hour
0730-0800 Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church with Pastor Henderson
0800-1000 Spiritual Echoes with Johnny Speights
1000-1200 2 Hours of Your Favorite Traditional Hymns
1200-1230 The Methodist Hour
1230-1300 Sunday Gospel
1300-1400 Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Hour
1400-1430 Seeds Fom the Sower
1430-1800 Sunday Gospel
1800-2000 The Gospel Greats
2000-0000 Music in the Night